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  • Christy Martin

Wedding Flowers: Creating Arrangements with Vintage Charm

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Give your special day the wedding flowers it deserves

Most people start planning their dream wedding well before they even meet their significant other. Weddings are easily one of the biggest days in an individual’s life, so the event should be treated as such. One of the most important factors of any wedding is the wedding flowers. With current trends highlighting the shabby chic feel of vintage pieces, it can be easy and affordable to style your florals fashionably for your big day.

Simple Tricks

Creating small additions to your wedding flowers can help make their vintage charm shine. Are you wearing a dress with lace features? Consider wrapping the same style of lace around the base of every flower arrangement. Are you hosting an outdoor ceremony? Adding small plastic birds to your pieces can really bring out the rustic old world feel that you are aiming for. Simply adding ribbon along the base of your arrangements in your wedding colors also help a great deal in pulling together the beautiful simplicity of vintage charm.

Choosing Your Wedding Flowers

Whether you want fresh or artificial flowers, it is important to pick the right type of flower to compliment your vintage theme. Visit flower shops like Martin’s Floral to get an idea as to which colors you want together and which seasonal flowers will work best with the timing of your ceremony, and then start forming a plan. Some of the best vintage wedding flowers are often baby’s breath, lavender, or even different herbs. Give the bride’s bouquet an added touch of vintage elegance by including color complimentary roses. If the right styles of florals are chosen, both fresh and artificial flower arrangements can give a beautiful vintage atmosphere to any wedding.

Creative Containers

A wedding’s theme has the perfect opportunity to be showcased in the floral arrangement containers. Getting creative with the pieces you place your wedding flowers in can help to pull together the vintage charm the bride has been dreaming of. For example, old mason jars often make for beautiful table centerpieces. Also consider using old wine bottles or boxes to provide a DIY environment that compliments vintage themes so well. Be sure to ask family and friends if they have any pieces that would work to showcase flowers in, like old dresser drawers, gardening pails, or any object that can be used to create the feel of floral home decor. Not only will these help contribute to the overall wedding atmosphere, but they will also add special meaning to the decorations since the containers came from loved ones.

A person’s wedding is a day to be celebrated and remembered. Help make that special day shine by creating wedding flowers with vintage charm through the use of simple additions like lace, choosing the right style of fresh or artificial flower arrangements, and tying the theme together with creative containers. Start planning your flowers today, and enjoy the beautiful memories for life!

Learn more about vintage flower options for your wedding by visiting Martin’s Floral today.

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