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Weather Protection for Artificial Flowers

Protect Your Artificial Flowers from the Winter Elements

The summer is over and fall has begun. While the leaves are turning brown around us, our artificial flowers at Martin’s Floral remain as colorful and as a versatile as ever. But if you’ve had your artificial flowers for a while, you might have noticed that they can be susceptible to weather-related wear and tear.

Fading over the summer through exposure to sunlight is as common as water damage from rain, snow, and frost in the winter. But there are a few ways that you can avoid damage and extend the life of your outdoor decor despite the seasonal changes.

Common Sense Solutions

As obvious as it is, simply being vigilant about incoming rain, wind and snow as the winter creeps in is the most effective way of protecting your artificial flowers. Keep an eye on weather reports and plan when you intend to put your arrangements outside – whether you’re planning for a holiday like Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas, or another special occasion, check the forecast first.

Plan Your Placements

By the same token, if you have a large number of arrangements and places to put them, plan precisely where you want them placed. If you’re intending to keep them outdoors for the fall and on into winter, make sure they’re put somewhere that provides shelter as well as shade should there be a spell of unseasonable warmth. Exposure to rapidly changing conditions will increase the chances of fading and wear on your artificial flowers, so figure out the best places to put them for protection as well as aesthetics.

Protect Your Fabrics

If you’re looking for a longer-term and more intensive method of protection, look into getting some fabric protection spray. Fabric protectants are ideal for adding a layer of durability to the materials most commonly used in making artificial flowers. If you decide to use a spray like this, make sure you gently dust off any debris on your flowers first, preferably using a duster spray and a damp cloth. Then, hold the flowers by the lowest part of the stems and spray the protector from six inches, making sure the flowers are coated. Once you’re done, set them in a vase and give them a while for the coating to soak in. After 24 hours, your arrangements will be waterproof and ready for the outdoors.

Long-Term Protection

If you really want to add some longevity to your artificial flowers, you could look beyond winter and into spring. As the weather heats up, and the sun begins to shine again after the new year begins, applying a matte protective spray specifically designed to reflect UV rays goes a long way to prevent color fading. The matte finish that these sprays provide can also stop your artificial plants looking artificial if they’re made of glossier material.

Martin’s Floral And Our Durable Artificial Flowers

At Martin’s Floral, we design and arrange seasonal artificial flower arrangements all year round. If you’re looking for variety to fit the seasons, as well as flowers that last with proper care, take a look at our selection today.

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