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Tips for Summer Home Decorating Ideas

Summer is just around the corner so we thought it was time to share some summer home decorating ideas for you. Anyone can implement these ideas to freshen your home for summer.

After the winter and spring season full of cozy layers, summer decor can feel sparse. Once you’ve decluttered and simplified, give yourself time to adjust before adding decor back in. You’ll likely find that decorating more on the simple side becomes like a breath of fresh air!

One tip to create a summery feeling home, is to use nature inspired art. One thing we love is creating a summer flower arrangement! These become immediate focal points in any room.They are simple to make and you can find all the needed items here at Martins! Don't be afraid to ask us for help because we love to help you pick out the perfect flowers

Another summer decor idea is summer colors! Whether you want to repaint furniture, or just freshen up the atmosphere, a softer color palette feels fresh and light for summer. This doesn’t mean everything has to be white. But softer colors tend to open up a space and give breathing room.

Once you’ve lightened your color palette, it gives space to pop in happier and bolder colors. We love to add colorful pillows, dishes or linens. They will immediately bring a fun atmosphere to your room!

Need more ideas? We would love to help, pop in to graze the isles and find tons of items that will be perfect for your space!

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