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The Basics of a Flower Arrangement

A flower arrangement is one of the most versatile and easily customizable forms of decor available. Artificial flower arrangements can feature a wide variety of colors and flowers, and since real flowers aren’t used, a well-cared-for arrangement can last for much longer than a fresh flower arrangement.

At Martin’s Floral, we offer a wide variety of arrangements that are already pre-made for your convenience. If you want to get a little more creative, however, we also have a variety of artificial flowers that you can use to make an arrangement all your own. Before you get started, here are a few flower arrangement basics to help in your creativity.

Find a Fun Container While most people focus on the flowers for their arrangement, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also pay attention to the container the flowers will go in. Vases come in all shapes, sizes, and colors that work for your decor. But, don’t limit yourself to just vases. There are all types of containers that make the perfect base for a fun and unique flower arrangement. You may come across a creative container at a flea market or thrift store, or you can stop by our flower shop! We have a great selection of containers at Martin’s Floral.

Start at Eye Level When beginning to build your arrangement, you’ll want to set up your area so you can sit level with your creation. Sitting at eye level will allow you to have a better perspective of what the arrangement will look like to guests and help you to see any gaps or uneven spaces in your arrangement. An eye-level view will also help you make sure the entire arrangement looks balanced and even.

Add in Odd Numbers The Rule of Three is a popular guideline when it comes to decor. Odd numbers have a tendency to better capture our attention and give any arrangement a more interesting look. While you may be inclined to use even amounts of every flower, odd numbers will actually make your flower arrangement more unique and eye-catching.

Use Foliage Foliage is a great addition to any floral arrangement! It can help fill in the smaller gaps between the flowers, creating a fuller overall look. You can stick with the classic greenery, or if you are making an autumn arrangement, consider using fall leaves to add a creative touch!

Mix in Different Flower Sizes Another important element to an amazing flower arrangement is the use of different-sized flowers. At Martin’s Floral, we suggest starting with larger blooms and then incorporating smaller flowers to fill in the spaces. Don’t forget to use different styles of blooms, as well! Mix big blooms like lilies and hydrangeas with irises or other taller flowers to make a more dynamic piece for your decor.

Find Your Flower Arrangement at Martin’s Floral Whether you are interested in creating your own arrangement or would like one that is already made, Martin’s Floral has a great selection that is perfect for your decor needs. Check out the Martin’s Floral website to see our products and stop by our store in Springfield today!

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