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  • Christy Martin

Summer Home Decor and Floral

Dahlias, Yarrows, Gloriosa Daisys… oh my!!!  Too many summer flowers to count!  Are you ready to transition your home for summer!?  We are here with exactly what you need when it comes to summer home decor and flowers!

Two words.  Outside furniture.  It’s time to make sure you have a relaxing place to lay out or sit and read a book, while being able to enjoy the outdoors.  You want to have a nice place to host your friends or family for a fun cook out!  Because who doesn’t love those during the summer time, right!?

You will want to have out light linens and soft pillows for your outside porch because what better way than to spend a summer night sitting out on your porch appreciating the warm temps!?  It’s cozy and cute.. exactly what you want your outside living spaces to be!

Next, you need a wreath ready to welcome your guests!  No matter what your style is, you can make this home decor piece fit yours.  The great thing about wreaths is that it can be as personable as you’d like to be!!  Fun, silly, cute, classic, original….. you decide!  Just grab your favorite summer flower and make it work! #DoorBling

Finally, it’s time to start thinking about a garden.  If you have never started a garden before, this is a great summer hobby.  You have SO many summer flowers to choose from, it would be perfect!

And if you don’t have a “green thumb” our huge section of true-to-life plants and flowers are just what you need!

Let’s go and make this summer one to remember!! WAHOO!

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