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Stunning {and simple!} Easter Decor & So Much More!

Easter weekend is hopping into view…who’s ready for it?!

No worries, don’t stress if you haven’t thought anything about what the dinner table should look….Martin’s is here for you 😉 with ideas galore!

The key is spectacular BUT simple…and then if you’ve got extra time on your hands, you can add to your design and make it as extravagant as you like…

Place settings is a good place to start….even if you’re using festive holiday paper napkins and plates (just think: NO DISHES to clean afterwards!), you can use some pretty ribbon from Martin’s Floral and a lovely single stem tulip…we have SO many colors to choose from!

Or how about this adorable way to set out the silverware utilizing orange paper napkins….brilliant!!

Now the centerpieces…you do NOT have to have a grand dining table as far as size goes but your family and friends will think you put so many hours of work into it because it will LOOK grand 😉

Check out these inspiration pics we found and you can find the links with more info on our Pinterest page (just click here)

Beautiful themed plates…vintage books…precious Spring bunny accents…so easy!!

Tulips, tulips and MORE tulips!!! So gorgeous, right?! And our selection of rabbits & little bunnies decor is the best in the Ozarks!

But Easter decorations aren’t just for the dining room…NOPE!

Spread the joy all throughout your home…look at just a few pieces that our Martin’s designers put created! And new arrangements & holiday/seasonal decor is added every week:

Spring is here and we’re hoppin’ for joy about it!!

Now it’s time for you get your space in the spirit of the season with Martin’s!

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