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  • Christy Martin

Simplify & Start Fresh

The holidays are over, it is time to simplify and start fresh. Begin by simplifying your Christmas decorations! Take away all the items that have color or represent the holiday season. Simplify and leave only the winter decorations.

One of the best pieces of advice when transitioning out of Christmas decor is to strip your space DOWN! Go back to a clean and clutter-free space or a blank pallet. Remove the pillows, containers, Santa’s, snowmen and or even all of the pieces of home decor you have in a space.

It may be a good idea to leave the space empty for a few days. Often we trick ourselves into thinking that we need to fill every space with decorations. This just isn’t the case and sometimes it is much easier to recognize after walking away from a space for a few days. You may find that when you come back, you enjoy the simplicity and cozy minimalism of the space without all of the “THINGS.” This is a great time to do a bit of purging! We all know that things tend to accumulate around the holidays so challenge yourself to remove a few unnecessary or unwanted items. Try to fill a garbage bag with things you don’t really need!

When you are decorating with non-Christmas winter decorations, try to limit the use of bold colors. Rather think of a color scheme of winter whites, creams, and other muted or neutral colors and tones. This could be a winter theme or inspired piece of art above the mantel or a simple mirror.

Here is a list of a few non-Christmas winter decor ideas to use as a guideline when you are decorating.

Chunky Wool Blankets

Bare Trees Ceramic

Candle Holders

Linen throws

Small Pine Cones

Small Spruce Trees or Branches

Eucalyptus Garlands or Sprigs

Plain Evergreen Wreaths

Clay or Ceramic Houses

Woven Baskets


Birch Logs or Poles

As always, come visit us for inspiration and all your decor needs!

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