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Seasonal Flowers and Ideas from Martin’s Floral

Seasonal Flowers and Suggestions from Martin’s Floral

Summer is coming to a close, and with the weather changing, temperatures dropping and days growing shorter, the variety of flowers available at florists all over Missouri will be changing too. You want to make sure your decor can keep up with the changing of the seasons, and at Martin’s Floral, we know all about seasonal flowers.

Let us give you a few examples of seasonal flowers that are perfect for the latter part of the year. Whether you’re looking for wedding arrangements, decorating for an event, or to just looking to give your home some seasonal flare, we have all the seasonal flowers and other artificial flowers you need.

Seasonal Flowers in the Fall

Fall is the season of warm, earthy colors, and your artificial seasonal flowers and decorating ideas generally conjure images of brown fallen leaves and soft orange sunsets.


Chrysanthemums are a truly classic looking fall flower, especially the familiar pompom shape. Chrysanthemums offer warm, cozy color for the cooling later months, adding a soothing autumnal haze to your home. Yellow and white varieties can offer an especially appropriate atmosphere as winter approaches. Chrysanthemums come in other varieties, although some may need to be special ordered. Of course, Martin’s Floral can provide any kind of artificial seasonal flowers, whatever your preference and whatever the season.


Another classic flower for the fall with a more eye-catching shape and color is the Aster. Spreading out in a burst of color from an intricate center, Asters offer detail and warmth just in time for the end of summer. Blues, lilacs and pale pinks make Asters seasonal flowers that bring a final burst of summer sunshine into your home.

Sweet Peas

If you’re looking for something a little more unique, Sweet Peas are an elegant, beautiful design choice. Delicate, ruffled petals and subtle colors give this flower wonderful detail and eye-catching dazzle, making any arrangement stand out. Our team at Martin’s Floral can craft the fine details of these and other artificial seasonal flowers.

Seasonal Flowers in Winter

Winter colors are generally brighter and more dazzling, reflecting Missouri’s frosty, snowy weather around that time of year. The freshness of color in your artificial flowers from Martin’s Floral can help combat the gloom of shorter days and longer nights.


Candytuft is most commonly a white flower, with its small, delicate petals giving it the complex appearance of a bouquet of snowflakes. One of the most perfect winter flowers, candytufts have a crisp, bright appearance, reminiscent of the biting freshness of a winter morning.


The cooler, wetter weather introduces the Cyclamen flower into florists’ bouquets all over Missouri. The sweeping, swirling shapes of the petals and bold colors give arrangements real depth and warmth, brightening up the dark winter days and cold winter evenings. The distinctive shape of this flower is really eye-catching, and fits perfectly with the deeper tones of other winter flowers.

Star of Bethlehem

If you want something really unique for your winter decor, the Star of Bethlehem might be exactly what you’re looking for. The delicate shape and subtlety of the Star of Bethlehem is complimented by its pristine white color. This flower gives off an understated appeal, adding depth and sparkle to any arrangement like glints of frost in untouched snow.

Artificial Seasonal Flowers and Arrangements from Martin’s Floral

The benefit of using artificial flowers is that they’ll last as long as you want them to, so your decorations are always adaptable to your tastes, as well as the seasons. Matching seasonal flowers to your interior decorating, wedding decorations or whatever else you’re planning, shows you have an eye for style, too.

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