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Seasonal Artificial Flowers Pt. 2 - Spring

For all the excitement and build-up, the holiday season is gone in a just a few days. With all the cleaning up, throwing out boxes, putting up new gifts you’ll probably never use, winter soon turns into spring. The start of spring brings about spring cleaning and is a great time to invest in some new artificial flowers from Martin’s Floral to brighten up your home as the days brighten outside. There are a few seasonal floral designs that can help bring the sunshine inside as the snow and ice thaws.


The national flower of Wales, Daffodils are one of the most common sights of spring in many of the world’s greener regions. The distinctive and bold, yellow color, trumpet shape and tall green stems and leaves will put anyone in the midwest in mind of the weather getting warmer and the days gradually getting longer. Adding Daffodils to your artificial flower arrangement is sure to brighten the first few weeks of the spring, whether it’s sunny, wet or even still frozen.


Like the Daffodil, Primrose flowers are one of the spring stalwarts, coming in a huge range of bold, vivid colors. Primrose flowers will add a real flare to any artificial flower arrangement, whether you choose a single color as a compliment, or a bolder cluster of different blues, greens, pinks and yellows. With their richness of color, Primroses are also a great addition to summer arrangements.


One of the most popular and easily recognized flowers, Tulips are a great option if you’re looking to add a touch of subtlety and class to your arrangement. With their elegant curves and subtle color gradients, majestic Tulips will give the right accompanying flowers a classic spring bouquet appearance. Tulips also bloom in different varieties as the year goes on, so you can capitalize this by mixing your artificial flower types and designs to match the seasons.


If you want to add a little unique flavor to your arrangements, Scillas are an often overlooked spring standard that can offer a subtle but effective underscore to a bright, fresh colorful design. Adding a muted underscore to the different colors of your arrangement along with the pale blues, pinks or whites of Scilla will give it more depth, making it all the more striking.

Year Round Standards

Of course, if you’re choosing to decorate using artificial flowers, then you’ll have a few more options beyond the more typical seasonal flowers. Let your creativity loose and mix in a few more summery flowers, like Marigolds or Black-Eyed Susans for brightness, or wintery flowers like Calendula or Pansies for warmth.

Martin’s Floral and Our Seasonal Artificial Flowers

Martin’s Floral has a wide variety of designs and ideas for your artificial flower arrangements available all year round. Get in touch with Martin’s Floral today and brighten up your new year, spring, summer and onwards with durable and versatile artificial flowers.

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