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  • Christy Martin

Ring in the New Year with Greenery!

So the Holiday & Christmas decor is down (hopefully!!) and now your space is feeling a bit empty and lack-luster...what to do? Bring some color back into your home but use greenery and faux potted plants and flowers!! Here are a few pieces we're loving:

Oh, how we love succulents!! Seriously, aren't these gorgeous? Create simple arrangements of a variety of succulents in all the most beautiful hues of green ๐Ÿ˜ and place on the coffee table or the bathroom, so pretty and give a bright POP๐Ÿ’š that you need in the New Year.

We are all about a GREAT floor plant and these topiaries are just the beginning....the choices are endless! Find a style you like, varying heights and also try dropping into a brightly colored pot for a great accent.

Then think about finding a few new home decor pieces: maybe a tray for the ottoman or a new terrarium glass jar or a boxwood wreath for the front door!!

Loving your space isn't about big makeovers and high-priced pieces, find a few new POPs of color to give your home an little lift this New Year! Come on 2021, it's going to be a great year ;)

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