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  • Christy Martin

Martin’s Floral Design Corner: Types of Artificial Indoor Greenery

If you’re skeptical about how greenery could change your home environment, let Martin’s Floral make you a believer.

Artificial flowers and plants are the gifts that keep giving. Besides the obvious perks of not having to water them to keep them alive, there’s a lot to be said for a plant that keeps the appearance of peak-freshness forever. Artificial indoor greenery, although widely overlooked, is one of the easiest and best ways to keep your home looking bright and full of life year-round. Whether it’s strategically placed around your home for splashes of green or is part of a carefully crafted flower arrangement, greenery is a staple.

Maybe you’ve never bought artificial flowers or plants, and you may not consider yourself the type that would. Maybe flowers aren’t your thing at all. Greenery is. Well, if it’s not, it should be! There are so many benefits to having greenery in your home. It gives a relaxing, zen vibe and contributes a lush quality to the aesthetics of your home.  Many psychologists believe that the presence of greenery reduces stress by creating a tranquil environment. On top of that, when placed right, it can help a room look more polished and clean. You could have all of this without the need to water the plants or risk your not-so-green thumb wreaking havoc on them. If you’re still hesitant toward artificial flowers and plants, come check out the high quality of Martin’s Floral’s floral home décor.

There are many different types of artificial indoor greenery that you can choose from:


Whether or not you’ve seen The Secret Garden, ivy most likely resonates with you in a whimsical and serene way. Whether it’s flowing down a trellis or climbing up the side of a hillside building in Ireland, we all picture it in a peaceful place. Martin’s Floral has beautiful artificial ivy that you could introduce as your home décor, bringing that same serenity into your own environment.


Ferns are one of the more well known of the indoor green plants! There are several thousand species of ferns, so there are plenty of variations of appearance. Some are more fuller and livelier, while others are longer and flow down in an ivy-like manner. Ferns will add a splash of life to your home or office.


Grass, in theory, can seem like an odd plant to choose as a green addition, but it is another great option. Consider the associations that you make with lush, green grass; you may have feelings of spring and summer. Having a bit of grass when you’re trapped inside because of the cold winter months makes perfect sense. Tall grass in the right pot or vase can make an interesting architectural statement. Shorter grass in a pot on your desktop can contribute a zen lushness to your environment!


Potted shrubs can be understated, or they can be the featured pieces. A large, potted artificial shrub could bring life to an empty corner of your home. A few, small, tabletop shrubs can add symmetry. Whichever you choose from Martin’s Floral, they contribute a splash of green in a very tame and sophisticated way.


Green wreaths have been gaining more traction in modern home décor; pinners on Pinterest have become obsessed with everything from boxwood to eucalyptus and any other bright and lively green wreaths. Martin’s Floral offers the perfect high-quality, artificial greenery to create your own wreath that will add the perfect amount of green and perfectly complement your home décor; you can make anything from French Country to Mid-Century Modern or even Bohemian.

Don’t be fooled. Artificial indoor greenery is for everyone. You just have to make sure it’s high in quality, which Martin’s Floral can handle for you. Choose the right type to complement your home. The splash of color and presence of greenery will bring a quality to your home that you didn’t even realize was missing; and you will be addicted.

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