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Martin’s Floral: Decorating Ideas for Independence Day

Independence Day is the most prominent holiday of the summer. Many people get together with their family and loved ones to eat food and have fun in the sun—and after the sun goes down, we celebrate the birth of the United States by shooting off tons of fireworks. If you are planning an exciting 4th of July party, you’ll need some great themed decorations to pull everything together. At Martin’s Floral, we are here to help! In today’s Martin’s Floral blog, we take a look at some great decorating ideas for your Independence Day celebrations.

Create a Wreath

A wreath is a great way to introduce your guests to the excitement of your party as they approach your door. The great thing about wreaths is that you can create them to fit whatever style and theme you desire. Do you like the rustic look? Use fabrics like burlap and canvas on your wreath. Are you more into a flashy style? Metallics and sparkles are easy to incorporate into your design! The staff at Martin’s Floral can help you find the best materials to make the 4th of July wreath that is exactly what you want.

Get Creative with Colors

Since the 4th of July is the US Independence Day, most people use red, white, and blue as their main decorating colors. While that’s a great and classic design decision, don’t feel limited to those colors when you are decorating! Consider using gold or silver as an accent or focusing your decor on just red or just blue, while using the other colors in a much smaller capacity. You have plenty of options that can make your party truly unique!

Remember Nighttime Lighting

Most 4th of July parties last well into the night time. How else would you get to see all of the amazing fireworks? One element that often gets overlooked when planning an Independence Day party is outdoor lighting. Tiki torches and other items that offer light while also keeping away bugs are always a good idea. Consider using fairy lights and other types of electric lighting to create a fun and relaxing atmosphere without creating so much light that it hinders the view of the fireworks.

Don’t Forget Flowers!

While fireworks are the main focus of the 4th of July, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have beautiful flower arrangements! The Martin’s Floral staff can help you create the ideal arrangements for your centerpieces and accents throughout your party. And because they are artificial flower arrangements, you can reuse them next year or recycle the flowers into new arrangements for other celebrations!

Decorating Tips from Martin’s Floral

To get started on your Independence Day decorations, come stop by Martin’s Floral and Home Decor! We would be happy to help you find everything you need to make your party beautiful and fun! We look forward to speaking with you. Stop by today!

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