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  • Christy Martin

Let's Dine Outdoors!

Summertime is here and it's time to enjoy the great outdoors...let's set the table for outdoor dining! The food doesn't need to be "fancy" but why not create a fun atmosphere to enjoy hamburgers & corn on the cob, right?!

1. Add a colorful tablecloth to brighten up your dining area...a plain wooden picnic table looks "all dressed up" with a tablecloth and you can use an affordable piece of unfinished fabric

2. Place a vase of "fresh" flowers from Martin's in the center of the table...we've got an endless variety of flowers & colors for you pick!

3. Use placemats and napkins in different colors and patterns

4. Place unscented candles throughout the center create a cozy atmosphere...or if you can use battery-powered string lights or hang a chandelier over the table for added ambiance

5. Serve cold drinks in Mason jars or other interesting glasses, classic!!

6. Use fruit as centerpieces or place settings...Martin's Floral has lovely, realistic-looking fruits and succulents that are perfect accents to the outside table setting!

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