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  • Christy Martin

How to Make the Perfect Fall Table

One of our favorite things to do when fall hits is setting up the most beautiful table! A decorated table is one of the first things people notice when they come into your home because a table is out in the center of a room…. So, setting up your table is a MUST!! We are going to go step by step on how to accomplish this:

1.) Tartan Throw Instead of using a regular tablecloth, throw on a tartan throw blanket! Right away, your home will feel cozy and warm. Find a tartan throw that has fall colors that you can also use as a color scheme for more décor around your home!

2.) Fall Chargers

This should be textural and natural! Some perfect examples would be woven willow charges, log slices, or burlap placemats. Adding a charger gives more layers to your fall table to make it more visually pleasing!

3.) Pumpkins

One of the most popular pumpkins to use as décor are white pumpkins. White pumpkins would like beautiful at the center of your table surrounded by a little green, acorns, and some pine cones!

4.) Fall Colored Dishes

You can use dishes and make the perfect fall color combo! Try picking colors that go well with the color scheme you have chosen for all your fall decorations.

5.) Premade Fall Centerpieces

To make things a little easier, beautiful centerpieces are made just like the one below!! You do not need to stress about where to put all the different pieces and not worry about it all falling apart!

Need more ideas?? Come see us at Martin’s Floral and Home Décor and we would love to help make your Fall table THE BEST! 😊

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