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  • Christy Martin

How to Make a Silk Floral Arrangement

Flowers bring beauty into your home and brightens up the environment.  Arranging flowers can be a fun but how can you make it look PERFECT?

Using artificial flowers will ensure that your arrangement will last a long time.  That way you never have to worry about keeping up with it other than the occasional dusting.

One Use a tall vase with a narrow opening.  This will help with not having to limit yourself in what you are wanting to create.  Arranging flowers is an art and you do not want to hold back all the beauty that you can bring into your home.

Two Pick tall silk flowers.  You can choose anything that you want.  Find something that makes you feel happy!  You can even use flowers that will hang over the vase.

Three Once you have your silk flowers picked out, place everything in front of you.  Group your flowers by height, type, and color.


Find the three tallest flowers and place them into the vase.  Then, find three shorter flowers and place them between the tall ones.  If you have any draping flowers, place two inside the vase but where it mostly hangs out of it.

Five Keep adding more flowers if the opening allows.  Do not overcrowd them. Start separating the flowers outwards.


For more inspiration, check out or Pinterest page.

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