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  • Christy Martin

How to Incorporate Floral in your Christmas Decor

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it is time for CHRISTMAS!!!  Here at Martin’s Floral and Home Decor we are ready to share our secrets on how we show off our Christmas cheer at home!

Down below we have a list of ways you can incorporate pretty floral in your home decor!!  What better way to decorate for the holiday than with floral!?  We hope we can inspire you in so many ways with these little tips!!! 

1.)  Wreaths We all know that the best way to show off all of your decorations is to start off with your door!  Hanging up a wreath can set up the Christmas mood right as visitors arrive to your front door.  Not only can you hang wreaths up at your door but you can hang them in the windows or above your fireplace too!!  It is a simple way to show your love for Christmas and floral around your home!

2.)  Poinsettia Tower One of the traditional Christmas ways to decorate your home is with poinsettias!  To make a traditional flower look even better, you can cut the poinsettias and have them around your home.  Cut poinsettias can easily last up to two weeks while in water, so it is the perfect time to have them while your family and friends are over to celebrate the holiday!  Just grab some mini vases and decorate away!!

3.)  Orchids The best thing about Orchids is that you have such a variety of them to pick from!  You are able to pick your favorite colors and mix them together to make the perfect Christmas floral arrangement.  Once you are done picking your favorite kinds of Orchids, you can put them in an over-sized vase and put matching ornaments in with it!!  This can last you through the whole Holiday without any worry!

4.)  Roses Using roses can give you an arrangement for tables!  You can grab some red or white roses and scatter them around a large single candle on a serving tray.  Then you can take some mini ornaments and place them all together to show off all the Christmas colors in your arrangement!  To make it look even better, add a little green and herbs to make all the colors pop!

We hope these tips helped you with ideas on how to show off your Christmas cheer!!! HAVE FUN DECORATING!!

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