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  • Christy Martin

How to Add Greenery to Your Home

Adding greenery can bring so much life to your home and you can place it ANYWHERE.  Bathroom, kitchen, living room, and out on the front porch… it ALL looks good!

Check out these areas that you can place your greenery to bring more beauty to your home:

  • Entryway Welcome your guests with beautiful greenery in your entryway.  Start by adding some to your wreath by wrapping green leaves around the hoops or you can even hang them below!

Living Room

The living room is where families spend most of their time together and with guests! You can make it a homey place by having large plants in that area.  You can even make the room seem taller when you place greenery at different levels.  For example, add hanging plants to your walls! 😊


One of the biggest décor trends right now are succulents! This is a simple way to add some life into your bedroom.  You can place a succulent on your nightstand or your dresser.  Something that simple can make a huge difference!

  • Dining Room

Adding greenery to your dining room is simple.  You can add greenery to your centerpiece or even make a centerpiece by placing the greenery to class vases.  Another way is adding greenery to your table setting.  Place fresh herbs on top of plates or napkins, which all will leave your table smelling fresh!

You can use greenery in SO many ways!  This is something you do not have to limit yourself with.  Greenery can look good anywhere and at any time.

For more ideas, check out our Greenery board on Pinterest by clicking on the link below 😊

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