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Wreaths are the PERFECT way to decorate your day for any day of the year. This piece of décor can be any style you want and will last you for months, even years.  One of the greatest things about a wreath is that it is a quick and easy DIY project for you so you can make sure it fits your home just right.

If you are wanting to start this fun project here is a step-by-step guide how to:


  • You will need the following: – Wire Cutter – Ribbon and Wine – Floral Shears – 22-gauge floral wire, cut into 5-inch strips -Metal wire frame (go with whatever size fits the wreath you want) – 3 different types of greenery (you can choose 2 of the same types if you want)

  • Group your greenery by type and lay them out. Make 6 bunches of each type of greenery.  To make each bunch, cut 4 to 5 pieces of the greenery using your floral shears and make them 5 to 7 inches long.

  • Begin attaching the bunches to your wire frame. Wind the wire around each stem a few times to make sure it’s secure.  You need to make sure each bunch overlaps with the last and keep working until you come to a full circle!

  • Check for gaps and adjust what you need to and cut off the excess stems.

  • Create a floral wire loop and secure it to the back to create a hook to hang your wreath. Or you can use a ribbon to create the loop!

Your wreath is ready to be shown off to the world now!  Now, check out how to DIY a floral (florist) bow….


  • Gather your favorite wide ribbon, thin satin ribbon, and scissors.

  • Leave the ribbon on the spool and determine the tail length you would like. Twist the ribbon at that point, keeping the right side of the ribbon facing you.  You now have the center of your bow.

  • Make a loop and give the ribbon a twist at the center. Hold the twist between your thumb and index finger, make a second loop the same size in the other direction.  Twist the loop towards you and pinch the ribbon at the center to keep the shape of the bow.

  • Start making same-size loops, while alternating sides until the bow has the fullness you would like. Wrap a narrow width of ribbon around the bow’s center and tie the tails together in the back of the bow.  Do not trim the narrow ribbon tails!

  • Fix the loops are you want to shape your floral bow. Smooth out any creases and folds in the loops!

  • You are finished! You can now use the narrow ribbon tails to attach the bow to whatever you would like! 😊

For more DIY project and fun floral inspiration, check out our Pinterest and give us a follow! 😊

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