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  • Christy Martin

Creative Wedding Ideas with Artificial Flowers

It’s wedding season once again and if you’re one of the lucky brides tying the knot this year, you’re probably spending 95 percent of your free time scouring Pinterest boards for the latest and greatest flower ideas. If that sounds like you, Martin’s Floral is where you need to be!

We have a fantastic selection of artificial flowers with endless options for wedding decor. Whether you’re looking for pre-made bridesmaid bouquets or the components to make them yourself, we can help.

Before you lose yourself in bouquet bliss, just remember there are plenty of other creative ways to use artificial flowers at your wedding ceremony and reception, outside of the more traditional floral arrangements. Here are just five unique ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Create Tantalizing Topiaries

Use artificial flowers to adorn topiary trees for a colorful and stunning backdrop for your ceremony or reception. Line the aisle with them or strategically place them around your reception venue for an extra touch that will go a long way.

Use Artificial Flowers to Frame a Staircase

Line a gorgeous staircase with the petals of artificial flowers for a classic and stately entrance for the bride. You can also frame the staircase with full bouquets, single stems of roses or bushels of hydrangeas.

It’s Not Always About the Artificial Flowers

If you’re afraid of overdoing it with the flowers, air on the side of caution by using succulent arrangements for centerpieces. These trendy plants are gaining popularity and are known for being simple, beautiful and seriously Insta-worthy.

Spectacular Ponds and Pools

Nothing says dreamy like a breathtaking floating floral arrangement. Use artificial flowers to create beautiful floating arrangements for that stunning pool or pond at your wedding venue.

Adorn the Ceilings

Use luscious green garland to drape those drab, metal bars on that outdoor tent and create a romantic, private dining or seating area for your guests.

Beautify Those Curtains

If you’re using curtains to frame your altar, consider using artificial flowers to add an extra touch of elegance to those otherwise boring curtain ties. Your photographer will thank you.

At Martin’s Floral, there is absolutely no limit to how creative you can get with wedding decor. Whether it’s artificial flowers, greenery or succulents, our sales associates are happy to help you create the wedding venue of your dreams without breaking the bank. Stop by our retail store in Springfield, MO today to start shopping!

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