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Arrangement Tips for Your Artificial Flowers

When it comes to artificial flower arrangements, creating a design that lives up to the idea that we had in our mind, whether inspired by a real bouquet or a few different pins on Pinterest, can be difficult. Although DIY is pretty popular right now, DIY flops are equally common. This is why Martin’s Floral is here to provide you with a few arrangement tips to help you get started creating floral home décor that will wow your loved ones.

Choose the Vessel for Your Artificial Flower Arrangement

Whether you choose a vase, flower box, compote or basket, you’ll need to create a solid base for your arrangement. Make sure that your base is the right size for the flowers that you want to use.

Use Foam or Clay to Hold Your Flower Arrangement in Place

You’ll need an insert to put in your base that will hold your artificial flower arrangement in place.  Floral foam or clay work best, and can be shaped to comfortably fit in your vase or flower box.  Clay works best if you are going to be using heavy flowers.

Use Moss or Fake Grass to Cover Foam or Clay

Nothing makes an artificial flower arrangement more obvious than being able to spot the foam that all the flowers are poked into.  One of the most important arrangement tips is to make sure to cover the floral foam or clay with moss or fake grass.

Cut Artificial Flower Stems Diagonally

In order to make it easy to insert the stems into the floral foam or clay, use wire cutters to cut the stems diagonally, forming a sharp point that will easily poke through.

Place Larger Flowers in Center for Focal Point

If you’re working with taller flowers, place them in the center as the focal point, then fill in around them with your other artificial flowers or grass.  Always select and place your focal point first, so you have it in mind and know how to complement it with the other pieces as you add them.

Contact Martin’s Floral for More Information

If you have additional questions about how you can make the most out of your artificial flowers, contact our friendly staff members at Martin’s Floral Home & Decor. We can be reached by phone at 417-883-1125 or you can stop by our floral shop in Springfield, MO. We look forward to hearing from you!

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