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  • Christy Martin

All Things Christmas!!๐ŸŽ„

Whether your Christmas tree is faux & fabulous or live & luxe, now you've got decorate it!! The options for Christmas decor as absolutely endless, so where should you start? Well, here are a few tips from our decor pros:

1) Pick a couple colors and run with it!!

What are your favor Christmas hues? Classic red, white and green

OR a crisp white, gold and silver color scheme more to your liking?

How about trendy pops of pink or turquoise or purple?!

Whatever the colors you pick, use those throughout your whole house from the ribbon in the garlands and the Christmas stockings you choose!!

2) Make it a themed-Christmas

Creating a fun, Christmas themed holiday is so easy! Fun themes like a Christmas Candy land

to a Winter Woodland Creature Forest

or your version of the North Pole & toy workshop!!

3) Keep is simple!

Have fun!! No need to add to your holiday stress...skip the big box stores and enjoy an intimate & inspiring shopping experience at Martin's Floral!!

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