Can you believe it’s almost Christmas!? This year has flown by SO fast.
With Christmas a few weeks away, that means that present shopping is in full go right now! If you have
children or a snoopy spouse, you know it’s important to wrap your presents RIGHT AWAY.
Every year we find more and more creative ideas on how to wrap presents! If you’re wanting to show
your skills of Christmas wrapping this year, we have some ideas for you to try…

1.) Drawing
This one is for those who have some drawing/calligraphy talents on their hands… these are




















2.) Greenery
Add a little green to your gift wrapping! So simple, yet SO CUTE!

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3.) The Perfect Bow

No matter what your wrapping paper looks like, a bow can make it look like a masterpiece!



We hope these ideas inspire you! If you want to see more, follow us on our Pinterest page!