Why Wreaths?

Every year millions of families across the nation pull out the Christmas decorations and deck the halls of their homes. Among those decorations are some familiar items like handmade Christmas ornaments from their children, stockings with names lovingly written on them and of course, the Christmas wreath. Have you ever wondered why people adorn their homes with wreaths for Christmas?

At one point in time wreaths were worn on the head, not placed on doors. In the earliest known origins of the wreath they were called diadem and were made of fabric and covered in different types of adornments. Sometime around 776 BC laurel leaves were used as crowns, or circlets, for the victors in Olympic games. These wreaths or “head garlands” would eventually be made of locally grown items reflecting the native offerings of the different areas hosting the games.

While it is unknown exactly when circlets started being hung in dwellings, it is certain that the idea of wreaths has been popular for a very long time. For instance, in early Europe wreaths were on nearly all homes and acted much like house numbers, identifying homes based off of the types of things in the wreath. It is a short leap from practical to decoration and it seems that wreaths have stood the test of time as a hallmark of home décor!

So as you pull out your Christmas wreath and hand it on your door, know you’re part of a long standing tradition. If you find yourself in need of a new Christmas wreath, well we’d love to help you start celebrating the season in this time-honored way!