Floral DIY Projects!

Now that the kids are back to school, you have a bit more time for YOU!  And what better way to relax and enjoy some “me time” than a beautiful (and FUN) DIY decor project?!

At Martin’s Floral, we are all about being creative and we love giving you inspiration to create simple floral projects to make your home cozy, lovely with your personal touches…

We found this project with step-by-step instructions to design a GORGEOUS floral wreath with just hot glue, your favorite flowers, and wire! After a quick shopping trip to see us to pick up the flowers & wire, you’re practically done!!


Check out our Floral DIY Pinterest board to see more:


And what about an amazing floral doorway arch??  UHH YES PLEASE!


See it here: https://www.pinterest.com/martinsfloral/floral-diy/

You can find these and SO MANY MORE fun projects, just check Martin’s out on Pinterest!!  We have it all there waiting for you!! :)

Don’t forget to show us your projects on our Facebook page: Martin’s Floral and Home Decor!  We can’t wait to see what all you do!