Elements of a Great Thanksgiving Centerpiece

What comes to mind when you think of Thanksgiving? Of course one of the first things for most people is the turkey, stuffing and perhaps the array of desserts. This makes sense but we bet that for many people, especially those putting together those great feasts, the table’s centerpiece is near the top of the list. What makes a great Thanksgiving centerpiece and how can you really make your table shine this November?

For starters, consider your space. You don’t want to have a huge display if your space is tight. Complement the area you have in a way that doesn’t make getting to the food difficult or cumbersome. It might be nice to look at a 2 foot display of immaculately arranged fall foliage and berries, but if it keeps your favorite uncle from getting to the potatoes, it’s not going to be a hit!

Next, think about ways you can complement your homes current décor and perhaps even your family history. Does your mom have a favorite color? What about the state flower from your father’s favorite football team? These are all things you can work into a centerpiece that add meaning to your design. Take a moment and think about all the things that are special to you and look for ways to incorporate them.

You also want to think about theme. Are you having an elegant affair or are your Thanksgiving dinners more casual? Your centerpiece should reflect the over all feel of your gathering. It is perfectly okay to have a simple and rustic table setting and centerpiece if your looking to create that down home feel. Matching your table’s look to the mood you’re creating is a smart way of enhancing any gathering.

These are a few tips to get you thinking for your Thanksgiving table. You can always come by and look around. Sometimes you’ll find that just looking at the world of others stirs your own, unique ideas! We also have plenty of friendly help, eager to answer your questons or give you guidance if you’re not sure where to start!