A Touch of Fall

Even if you’re a summer lover, you have to admit, Autumn gives us lots of treats. The cooler air, the vibrant colors and the family gatherings add up to make fall a wonderful time of year. In the floral design community, the year’s end is especially welcomed because it provides us with so many fabulous elements to incorporate into our work.

Sometimes people ask us how you create seasonal looks. More specifically, what makes one arrangement a fall design and another one a spring? It is something you probably know inherently, just by looking at something. But that is not enough to go on if you’re looking to decorate your home for the season or try your hand at design.

Colors are your first hint at the season. Fall brings us deep hues and rich earth tones. Think of the colorful leaves in trees as they change from green to a burst of golds, reds and oranges. Additionally, colors like brown, rust, mauve and variations like burnt orange. These colors represent the changing foliage and lend a touch of the season to any arrangement.

Texture is another fantastic aspect of fall. Think about the crunch of the fallen leaves, the roughness of bark and the unique feel of ever green tree foliage. This time of year just gives you so many things to play with in your designs. Think of things like interesting stones, pine cones, sticks and other hallmarks of the fall season. These give you a basis for some texture to incorporate into a fall design.

When you’re looking to add it all together for a fall arrangement, you should go with some basics and then let your creativity flow a bit. Take what you are familiar with, like those comfortable fall colors and bits of color from berries and look around you. Take a walk and look for interesting leaves and growth, just anything that stands out to you.

We hope you embrace the changing seasons and enjoy the beauty each brings us. If you’re looking to bring some of that beauty to your everyday living space, look no further than fall floral arrangements and seasonal décor. And of course, if you’re unsure where to start, stop by and let our friendly staff help, we love helping our friends and family make their house a home!